The timing has never been better to have SUPERNOVA SOLAR work to engineer and install a solar electric system on your residential dwelling. By installing a home system, you can completely eliminate your electric bill, provide reliable back-up power generation, and increase the value of your property. All this, while having the peace of mind that you have made a decision to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Supernova Solar's team of engineers, electricians, and installers will provide you with a complete turn-key solution. Our experienced team will work with your HOA, building department, utility, and other jurisdictions to get your system up and running quickly. Your complete satisfaction with the quality and service of Supernova Solar is our #1 goal.


30% Tax Credit - Congress recently (September 2008) passed legislation that extended the Federal tax credits for residential applications, as well as removed the $2,000 cap that had previously been in place. This equates to significant savings and a lower pay-off period!


Utility Rebates - Xcel Energy (and other Colorado utilities) will pay for nearly 40% of the total cost of your system!!! Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards program allows for a $2.00 Rebate and $1.50 Renewable Energy Credit (REC Credit), for a total of $3.50 for ever Watt of DC power that you install.  For an in-depth view of the tax credit and utility rebate incentives, CLICK HERE.


Become your own electric company! With rising electricity rates, a household's disposable income can quickly erode. If you've thought about controlling the energy costs for your home, it's time to explore solar as a viable, cost-effective solution. As the energy market becomes increasingly more volatile, the time has never been better to rely on the energy from the sun.  


Worry Free - Supernova Solar offers a comprehensive approach that handles every aspect of your solar installation so you can enjoy using worry free electricity for decades to come.The process begins with our exclusive online, no-obligation quote. If you decide that you are ready to go-solar, a solar professional will visit your site to complete a thorough on-site assessment. We provide you with maximum flexibility in your system selection; our electrical engineers will provide a solution that will approximately meet 50%, 75%, or 100% of your electrical needs. When you are ready to go solar, we're ready to help.


Get started by watching our easy start video.

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