Property Value Increased

Solar will increase your property value

Making the decision to add solar to your home or business is one that will pay dividends in the short and long term. Solar systems increase the value in two ways:

1.    Adding a highly sought after capital asset to your home or business.    

2.    Reducing the annual operating expenses of your premise

It is difficult to quantify the exact impact on your home’s value, but the rule of thumb that many realtors use is simple.  Calculate your first year’s annual electric savings and multiply this by 15 to 20. 

For example, if your first year electric bill savings amounts to $1,200, you can approximate the increase your home’s value by $14,400 to $24,000.  The logic behind the savings is simple.  You are able to reduce the operating expenses of your home for a 25 year period.  If two identical homes are for sale, one with solar and one without, the cost savings associated with the solar home is integrated into the homes intrinsic value.

Home owners can have confidence that your decision to go solar is a good investment.  Whether you plan to live in your home for the next 25 years or are looking to diffrentiate your home in a crowded real estate market, solar with Supernova Solar is easy.  Begin today by seeing our get-started video.